A note from Dr. Shauna Rossington:

As the Executive Director of Mountain Circle Family Services, Inc (MCFS) for the last 16 years, I have seen many employees come and go—some with delight and some with sadness.  Curtis Weight, who has worked for Mountain Circle approximately nine years, is one that will be truly missed.

Curtis first came to Mountain Circle in 2005 and worked till 2007.  He decided that he needed to take a better job opportunity and tried to turn in his keys.  I refused to take them because I told him he would be back and sure enough in 2009 he decided to return.

Curtis came back and took on the challenge of being the transitional housing director, a program, which assists foster teens in learning to be independent, and developing the skills to be successful after leaving foster care.  These teens either live in a host home family, renting a room from the family and learning skills through a mentorship, or they rent their own apartment and, through the school of hard knocks, learn the same skills.  A few years later, Mountain Circle decided to open a quality thrift store called, Nu 2 U, which would assist these youth in learning healthy work skills and job habits.

Curtis truly took his job of teaching these kids to a heart level and has assisted countless kids in leaving the system with success.  He was always there for them. Curtis’ job description should have read, ‘countless hours on the phone guiding  youth through crisis, countless hours of moving youth from one place to the other, countless hours of driving youth to go see family and friends as remaining connected to important people in these youths’ live is crucial to the success of the program, and countless hours fighting with the system to ensure the right services were in place.’ Curtis works from his heart and his passion with a bouncy smile on his face.

His character will be missed not only around the office, but during our Running with the Bears TM Boston Qualifier Marathon and our annual snowboarding trip where the agency takes 25 foster youth to Tahoe to teach them to ski, connect with other foster youth as well as staff.

However, all good things usually have an ending. Curtis and his family have decided a move is best for all, and will be leaving not only our organization, but our Indian Valley.  He will be missed by the community and here at Mountain Circle.  There will always be an open invitation for Curtis to volunteer with the marathon, who else is going to put up all the mile markers and assist the very last runner over the finish line? And of course, we’d love to have him join in on the PowderQuest ski trip.  We know that whereever Curtis lands he will touch and change lives, for this is something that radiates from Curtis naturally.  MCFS wishes him happiness, success, and love as he moves forward, however, his spirit will be missed.


Dr. Shauna Rossington