Rashia is our new office assistant in the Mountain Circle Susanville foster care and adoption office. We asked her to tell us a little bit more about herself:
“Hello , My name is Rashia Hemingway, and I am 18 years-old and I have just entered the THP (Transitional Housing Program) with Mountain Circle in Lassen County, CA. I have nine sisters and one brother, and I have been in the foster care system since I was two years-old. When I entered foster care, I was placed with my aunt, and I experienced many different aspects of intense abuse.
Mountain Circle foster care teen
While living there, my school placed numerous calls to Child Protective Services. I lived with my aunt for seven years before I was placed in the Children’s Receiving Home. Growing up in foster care was not easy, and it put me at a big disadvantage when it came to school. I struggled a lot in school, but I’ve still managed to get accepted to the ten schools where I applied. One of these is a private school, where I have decided to attend in the spring. My goal while in the Mountain Circle THP is to save money before I leave for school. I will be studying Political Science at Clark-Atlanta, with the goal of obtaining my Jurist-Doctorate degree. My ultimate goal is to become a judge.
“Rashia is one motivated young woman,” says Curtis, her Mountain Circle Social Worker, “Rashia has such a bright energy, and has a great vision for her future.” Mountain Circle is proud to support older foster teens like Rashia to achieve their dreams!
If you would like to become a Mountain Circle Resource Family, just stop by the Susanville office at 44 N. Lassen Ave., email [email protected], or call us anytime at 1-844-540-8618.