Andrea has been in foster care for over 13 years and in the Transitional Housing Program since the age of 18.  Andrea turned 21 the beginning of January and is making the move from Susanville to Greenville where she will commute into Quincy to attend Feather River College.  Mountain Circle would like to commend Andrea on all of her hard work in the Transitional Housing Program and wish her well in the next chapter of her life outside of Mountain Circle.

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During lunch with Andrea before her big move, she recalled some of her fondest memories of being in the THP. Andrea talked about her adventures with Powder Quest (paid for by the Running with the Bears fundraiser), an experience she would never forget, filled with laughs, bonding and a way to try new things.


Andrea also enjoyed attending guest speakers at Lassen College, most recently a speaker by the name of Derek Clark she could relate to as he talked about many similar hardships he had been in foster care. The biggest highlight for Andrea was the freedom the THP gave her. She mentioned it was a chance to make mistakes in a controlled and supportive environment surrounded by people who would help her pick herself up and try again.

When she was asked if she had any regrets or things she had wished had gone differently Andrea mentioned she wished she had been more involved with social events. Andrea focused her time working at the two local theaters and was excellent at saving money and budgeting. She bought her first vehicle a year ago.

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I asked Andrea what advice she could give new youth coming into the program. Her advice was to save money each month to prepare yourself for when you are no longer eligible to be in the program and to save for emergencies.

Good luck Andrea! We will miss you!