We interview Deborah, one of our newest employees in the Mountain Circle Chico office:

What do you appreciate most about connecting children with their biological families?

Bringing families back together is my passion, as well as, giving tools to be able to do so. Reunification and empowerment is my ultimate focus.

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So far, what do you love about your job?

The Children! They add life. They are the bright spots in the world and need to be taken care of, protected, and supported. They make me laugh!

In your experience, what sets this job here at Mountain Circle apart from others?

Doing something that makes a difference. Improving the lives of foster children, making them happy. Being a voice for children who don’t have a voice or choice as to what their situation may be.

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Connecting with foster children, what has been your experience? How has it affected you as a person?

I didn’t realize how many children are in foster care. I’ve grown as a person. Makes my heart heavy to think of children not cared for, but thankful for a support system that has a voice for them.

Connecting with foster parents, what has been your experience? How has it affected you as a person?

Really good experience. What you hear about the Foster Parents doing it solely for the money is just not true. It’s not about the money. The heart of the people involved is astounding. To love and nurture children as their own, not knowing for how long or what their previous experiences are has been is amazing. It really does amaze me, it has to be a calling for these foster parents. Every person has been lovely, they are all really good people.

Did you have preconceived notions before getting involved with foster families, if so, how have those ideas changed? How have they not? Did you know what to expect?

No I didn’t. I had no judgment at all, I am aware that I am the one who has the learning to do. I’ve gotten a great education and a heart of compassion for everyone involved.

What was your first day like as a Supervised Visitation Coordinator? Nerve racking?

I felt confident in the job itself, but uneasy about sitting in the room with the Biological parents and their children. I had to mentally process the situation and get prepared. I had the confidence, but was aware that I had/have a lot to learn.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I knew that I wanted to get back into a field that really makes a difference. When I decided to go back to work it was an “Ahhhh” moment. I was at the Salmon Festival and saw Cynthia (a Mountain Circle Social Worker) tabling, I got to talking with her and knew immediately that I wanted to work for Mountain Circle. She asked me to call Toni, the Program Supervisor, the following day. When I connected with Toni, she automatically tried to recruit me as a foster parent. I said no, I want to work here!

Things tend to fall into place and I was meant to work here. I’m looking forward to the future here at Mountain Circle and being a part of this very dynamic team. I’m at the right place at the right time.