You may remember this rootin’ tootin’ group from the last two years of RWTB. Last year they were the winner of “Best Theme” and they are going for it again! They are located on the corner of Diamond Mountain Road & North Valley Road and this aid station features Ultima replenisher drink and a port-a-potty…use in that order!

Here is a little bit about them in their own “hill-billy” words….

Lupines 2

We hafe never really named urselves but you could call us Backwoods Bear Bait er whatever ya want ta. We are a group of friends, most of whom werk at Lupines Natural Food store in Greenville. There are a riter, a homeopath, a musician and a costume gal among us, plus critters and kids. We jest love gett’in out there and hoot’in and holler’in to help get all ya runners a mov’in!

We alweys have pret near the best vittles on the route an you kan pick up extra stuff you mite need from our celecshun of great stuff. Roadkill, squirrel meat kabobs, a luxery loo and visiter advice are all available at our stashun for the Marathon & 1/2 Marathon runners.

Lupines 1If we won again…why we woold put it to good use in continuing community get togethers about healthy n’ balanced fiscial, emotshunal and spiritual being. Last year we used our money to sponsor such conversashuns we called “Around the Kitchen Table” held at Lupines Natural Foods. The idear is to have a place that the community can share what they no about a certain topic with others in the town. Shared stuff! We done have a pretty smart community!

Vote for your favorite Aid Stations at the finish line in the categories of Best Theme, Best Spirit and Best Snack. Winners of each category will receive $1,000 for their group!