Mountain Circle has many team members who go above and beyond their job description. Jody Aparton, store manager at NU-2-U and mentor for the youth in THP (Transitional Housing Program) is no exception. This summer, Jody has big plans for the youth who participate in Mountain Circle’s independent living program.


Staff member Jody

Jody has been working hard to gather camping equipment, either through Nu-2-U Store donations, or simply by buying them himself.  Jody has also spent numerous hours repairing a utility trailer to haul all the camping gear in order to ensure the youth have everything they need to have a safe and wonderful camping adventure. However, when speaking with Jody, it doesn’t sound like all fun and games– there will be many camping skills to learn.  Jody will delegate roles to each individual on the trip, and he hopes this will pull some of the youth out of their comfort zones, and will teach them leadership skills.

Jody plans to take the youth locally around Westwood, Chester, and Susanville area, this way they can venture out again on their own, or with friends if they desire.  We asked Jody a couple of questions about his plans:

What will you teach the youth on the camping trips?

I plan to teach fire starting, compass reading, map reading, meal preparation, and safety. among other things.

What do you hope the youth take away from the camping trips?

Besides the actual camping skills I plan to teach them, my hope is that the youth also gain skills for the future such as working together, survival techniques, leadership, perseverance, organization etc.

When do you plan to embark on these adventures?

We will go when the weather permits, and when we can gather a large enough group.  I also expect the youth to help with planning and preparing lists of items needed, so that will begin soon.

Thank you, Jody for being a positive force in the lives of Mountain Circle’s foster youth!  Please give us an update after your trip with lots of pictures.  We are excited to watch your journey!