Congratulations to Daniel!

Daniel is a20160520_154532 Mountain Circle Transitional Housing Program (THP) participant (Independent Living Skills for older foster youth), and is currently employed at our NU-2-U Thrift Store. He has also been a member of Lassen County Arts Council for five years, and was just recently elected to be a member of the Arts Council Board! Congratulations Daniel!

Daniel is a very hard working and caring individual, and he loves to be creative and work with his hands. He is currently working on a project with the Arts Council right now- each year, the Council has a community art event theme and this year it is The Art of Painted Roosters. All Roosters that are purchased by the community will be on display at the Lassen County Fair, and are then voted on by fairgoers for a People’s Choice Award. All proceeds go to the Arts Council. Daniel also helps put on weekly events that the community may attend, such as their weekly Adult Coloring Club!

What got Daniel involved in this community-based group? His previous foster mom, Debra, is the board president!  This connection has given Daniel the opportunity to maintain a strong relationship with Debra even after exiting Foster Care. And, of course, she loves to see how much positivity she has brought to Daniel’s life! “What a joy to see him become such a wonderful young man.” We asked Debra a couple of questions about Daniel:

1.) Tell us a little bit about Daniel:

He is very easy going, very very intelligent, he’s always willing to help out, thinks on his feet, and is very responsible.

2) What do you think Daniel has gained from being a member of the Arts Council?

He has learned how to be a responsible adult, and how being a part of your local community is really meaningful. He has actually learned some office skills from being a part of this council and, of course, art skills! He was just elected to be a member of the Arts Council board because of his persistent 5 years that he has put into this group.

3) How has it been for you as a foster mom, watching Daniel grow into a young man?

It’s been amazing. Just watching him go from this shy and quite teenager and develop into this responsible, caring adult has been such a gift.


Debra couldn’t express enough how amazing Daniel is at helping out. He is always there to give anyone a hand when they are in need.

We asked Daniel a few questions about his time with the Arts Council:

1) How has the Arts Council helped you  to grow?

It has really taught me how to be responsible, and how having great communication skills is a good characteristic to have in life.

2) What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Arts Council?

The sense of pride knowing that I am helping the arts in this community to thrive and nourish.

Mountain Circle is very proud of you Daniel!