Welcome to Greenville, CA and Running With The Bears!!! Here’s some information on the race and some suggestions.

Elevation in Greenville is 3580 and the town land area is 7.98 square miles. There are approximately 1129 people living in Greenville. The temperatures in August on average are 40’s in the morning and up to the 80’s in the afternoon with low chance of precipitation, low humidity and next to no wind. Greenville’s nearby Indian Valley (which hosts the race) is beautiful, with winding roads and rolling hills that will make it difficult to leave.

Downtown Greenville

Downtown Greenville

We advise those who are traveling to come in the night before the race- get your bearings, decompress, etc… r this a relatively flat course with rolling hills. It’s a great event if you want to Boston Qualify.

Running with the Bears is a relatively flat course with rolling hills. It’s a great event if you want to Boston Qualify.

Elevation map

Elevation map

10K and half marathon course

Marathon course

We use Ultima Refresher as our electrolyte drink on the course at our aid stations. Water is always available and since every aid station is unique (and being judged by the runners to win prizes!!) they each have special snacks. As far as carrying your own water or fuel, if there’s something you have to have – carry it. Otherwise there are plenty of aid stations to cater to you. The aid stations cater to your 4 legged friends as well, stocking puppy treats and dog bowls. We know you love your furry family and we welcome the addition. There are four porta potty’s along the course, but you’re welcome to pee behind a tree – there are tons available!


Aid station

Aid station

Our Sag Wagons are positioned along the course. Staff and volunteers drive around, or bike around, with extra supplies and ham radios. They will accompany slow runners if requested, or retrieve needed items. It’s like a concierge on a bike! It comes in handy – last year volunteers rushed to mile 13 with mints for an upset tummy and a tampon at mile 3. Stuff happens. No reason to let it ruin your run. We’re all about you having a great experience, so if your run goes better with headphones, plug in and get your groove on. Cell phone coverage is sometimes spotty with AT&T, but your GPS should work just fine.

There is NO time limit on our races! Plumas County ROCKS, and doesn’t force a bunch of rules on Running with the Bears such as closing the roads (you’ll see, there’s very little traffic). Our neighbors are friendly folk and they will patiently wait for you to run on past. That said, we do have to relieve our volunteers around 1pm, so please start early, and let us know in advance, if you know it’s going to be a long day.

no time limit

Lucky for families our Race Director, Josie, has little kids (as well as do a lot of our staff) so we make it EASY for parents. We work with a nearby licensed daycare to provide childcare beginning at 5am. We also set up kids activities at the start/finish line so that the little runners in your life can have as much fun as you do – check out the gold panning exhibit, “tent” city and face painting.  The petting zoo is erected at 5pm for the Hoedown where more fun is just getting ready to start. Bring the family, the tents, your running shoes and a laid back attitude!

kids at race

more kids at race

hula hooping