Welcome to Mountain Circle’s Treatment-Level Foster Care Office in Northern Nevada (Reno)! 

Please tell us a little more about yourself, and why you’re joining the team at Mountain Circle!

My name is Megan Hildebrand, I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada.  I have a Bachelors’ degree in human services from the University of Phoenix and I have been working with kids of all age levels, in many different avenues, for several years.  I have a love for Basketball and have played most of my life- I have been coaching basketball for high school girls for years since graduating high school.  I’m excited to be with Mountain Circle, and to help with their amazing cause!

In order to provide all of our homes with additional support, we are happy to announce that Alicia will be providing in-home coaching to all of our homes in Reno.  She will be in each home weekly providing support through the Together Facing the Challenge model.

Together Facing the Challenge is a training/consultation approach to improving practice in treatment foster care (TFC).  The goals of Together Facing the Challenge are:

  • Building therapeutic relationships
  • Performing and teaching cooperation skills
  • Implementing effective parenting techniques (communicate effectively, set expectations, reinforce positive behavior, avoid power struggles, etc.)
  • Preparing youth for their future by teaching independence skills
  • Creating a positive home environment through family fun time, taking care of self, family meetings, etc.
  • Improving outcomes for youth served in therapeutic foster care settings

The Mountain Circle in-home coach not only ensures that the child’s needs are met, but that the foster parents are feeling supported and their self-care needs are met.  Alicia will facilitate family meetings as well as meeting with foster parents as a couple.  We hope that you are all as excited as we are for these new changes!

To learn out more about Mountain Circle’s support for foster families in Northern Nevada, email us, or find our contact list here.