When you hear the term ‘foster care,’ ‘kinship,’ or ‘caregiver’ what does it make you think of?

For many people, ‘foster care’ brings up images of needy children you may not have ever met- strangers. While that is sometimes the case, the reality is that 1/3 of all foster children are living in the home of a relative. These families, called “Resource Families,” are the aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas who are stepping up to make a difference to the child or teen in their family.



If Social Services has placed a relative child or teen in your home, give us a call!

There are many local resources available to help you.  As a relative caregiver, you have just 90 days to become a certified Resource Home with either the County, or with a private agency such as Mountain Circle. You have the right to know the difference.

With Mountain Circle you will:

  • Receive one-on-one support by a local Social Worker
  • Be able to speak with a Social Worker 24-hours a day
  • Complete your required training entirely online. No need to get a babysitter, or to give up precious weekend family time. Resource Families may complete their 13 hours of initial training at a time and location convenient to you. In addition, you are able to attend unlimited additional classes (at no cost) such as parenting, health care, psychology, and even Microsoft Office!
  • You will receive the same financial stipend as you would with the County (and sometimes more)



Working with Mountain Circle will not jeopardize the child’s placement in your home.  

At Mountain Circle, we believe relative caregivers can be the heroes for these children. You deserve support and resources, and Mountain Circle is here for you!

Remember, you have only 90 days.

Give us a call right now for a free 5-minute orientation on becoming a Resource Family with Mountain Circle.

Call: 1-530-284-7007