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Mountain Circle Greenville Office: Do you remember our spotlight on a young foster teen named Lily in last month’s newsletter? Turns out there is even more to her story…

Throughout the basketball season, Lily learned about more than just athletic skills from her coach, Bridgette.  One day during practice, Bridgette noticed Lily was not her usual smiling, happy self, and decided to pull her aside for a candid conversation.  Lily being concerned about doing something wrong, anxiously asked why she was pulled off the court.  Bridgette reassured Lily that she had not done anything wrong, but that she was concerned about her and had something she wanted to share.

Lily 2 - Copy

Bridgette gave Lily some background on her childhood growing up, and revealed that she, like Lily, was in foster care throughout her adolescence.  Not only was Bridgette in foster care, but she was also in a Mountain Circle foster home.  Lily was quite surprised by this information, stating that she had no idea and would not have guessed her coach was also a foster child.  Bridgette let Lily know that she understands what she is going through, and she is always here for her if she needs anything.  Bridgette encourages Lily to continue to be involved in sports and to keep pursuing her dreams. Bridgette shared with us what made a difference to her as a foster child:

“What gave me hope while I was in foster care is the fact that I had set some goals for myself.  My coaches, teachers, and social workers saw something in me, and always kept me on the right path.  I had my nose in the books and my feet on a court or field at all times.  It kept me grounded.  I feel my experiences help me see the kids which need my guidance.  I can identify with them.  It helps me give them extra encouragement and extra push to be better than where they are coming from.


I push them to become the person they want to be; not the statistic that they would become without the positive reinforcement.  It is a small part of their life, but in so many ways pushing them can define the person they will become when they reach adulthood.  I look back at my coaches and the advice, and the push they gave me still today.”

Lily appreciates her coach opening up to her and sharing personal information.  Bridgette is someone that Lily feels comfortable talking with, knowing that she has someone to go to that understands what she is going through, and how she is feeling is a true asset in her life.


The Running with the Bears Race is the annual fundraiser BY and FOR Mountain Circle Family Services. Last week we had an opportunity to interview Runner’s World’s Bart Yasso! He provided all sorts of tips on Charity Racing and Running with Bears!



Meet our newest Bears Charity Runner, Shantel!

‘Charity Runners’ are normal, everyday people, that choose to make more of their Running with the Bears event participation. By helping Mountain Circle fundraise for Mountain Circle’s foster children and families, Charity Runners make a difference all year long. 

Shantel, can you tell us a little bit about your running and your goals at the Running with the Bears 20160209_142538 (2)race:

I’m from Julian, CA where I love to trail run. I’m 25 years young and this is going to be my first marathon! My good friend Natalie is running with me and she is the one who found this race.

What made you want to get more involved as a Charity Runner for Mountain Circle’s Foster Children?

I grew up around many foster families and some of my childhood friends were in foster care, and this touches a special place in my heart. Not only to be able to run in beautiful country side, but to do it to help these kids is a bonus on top. I’ve run the Susan G. Komen 5k for the last 4 years and participated in Mud Runs and other obstacle courses, but I am beyond excited to run to support Mountain Circle Family Services! Thank you again and looking forward to August
Shantel is committed to raising $500 as a Charity Runner, and every single dollar she raises supports the programs of Mountain Circle (specifially the PowderQuest Adventure for Foster Teens). All contributions to Shantel’s campaign are 100% tax deductible, thank you!


Dr.Shauna Rossington DBA,MFTMountain Circle’s Executive Director’s Corner: 

A question all leaders should be asking themselves is, “As the world becomes more complex and competitive, what one key principal do leaders need to consider when designing social systems that meet the demands of their organizational environment?”  Shauna answers this question on her Linked In Blog.


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