August Newsletter (3)


From our Mountain Circle Chico office:

Mountain Circle’s Eat Happy! Program offers foster families, as well as our Independently Living transitional foster youth, $500 a month in free food!  For years,  Mountain Circle Foster Parent, Sarah C. has made her way out to Oroville’s Food Bank to stock up on various food items for a major discount; offered by Butte County’s Community Action Agency.


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This is one delivery to a foster family


Mountain Circle purchases the food by the pound, and donates the food back to our foster families- the best part is that the EatHappy! program is overseen by volunteer foster parents like Sarah.


This last Saturday, Sarah took the charge! Several families made a stop by Mountain Circle’s Chico Foster Care and Adoption office as part of their trip into town, as they live hours away. When families have many mouths to feed, it’s a relief to be able to stock up on non-perishable items for free. This is Mountain Circle’s way of saying that we are here for you, and THANK YOU for being a part of our extended family!


EatHappy! is an incredible program, but we couldn’t do it without generous volunteers like Sarah. She selflessly goes out of her way to load up the pantry, and maintain its organization, with a variety of food for Mountain Circle’s families. Thanks to Sarah and her years of dedication to resource/foster families,  Mountain Circle has the ability to offer yet another great resource for the hard working caregivers on our team.


From our Mountain Circle Susanville office:

Last month, the Community Church of Susanville raised over $2,000 to purchase and stock 106 boys and girls backpacks for Mountain Circle’s foster children. These backpacks were donated for children ages 3- 12 years old, and they were filled with items such as personal hygiene products, coloring books, stuffed animals, and school supplies.

This gracious community church reached out to improvised kids in our community and has helped them in more ways than we can imagine. Most children who enter foster care have nothing but the clothes on their back, or a trash bag full of the few items that they possess. Not at Mountain Circle! These backpacks will help comfort the children through their hard times, and will help to ease their transition into a new home. For foster children, these backpacks are more than just items- they’re proof that there are people out there in the world who are there for them, when the children may be feeling most alone.


These backpacks will provide more than just “things,” they will help fill Mountain Circle’s children with kindness and hope. From all of us at Mountain Circle Family Services, thank you Community Church of Susanville! Your donation means so much!


From the Mountain Circle Reno office:

Welcome to the Mountain Circle team, Max and Naturalee!  These brand new foster parents came to Mountain Circle with open hearts and a will to help others. They have not had the joy of being able to raise their own children yet, but have expressed their excitement to be able to help mold young lives for the better. They are both very calm and confident individuals, and they make quite the dynamic duo.


Max and Naturalee have expressed their willingness to assist in reunifications, temporary, or long term placements. Both love being active. Naturalee is thrilled to do a lot of fun outdoor activities this summer here in in the Washoe Valley area and Max really finds gardening to being relaxing and soothing. They were both raised with religion and are open to those who have different views and beliefs than their own. The also mentioned how much they are looking forward to being a healthy stepping stone in reuniting loved ones together.

We ask them a few questions about becoming foster parents: 

Why did you want to become foster parents with Mountain Circle?

Mountain Circle provides an extensive amount of support. Because of our fears, we appreciate the help from this great team- to support us in areas where we might not be strong enough to do on our own just yet.

Why are you fears?

We are first time parents. Will we be strong enough to withstand any challenges we might face?

Can you tell us what you are most looking forward to?
We live in Reno!! We are so excited to have the full house affect, summer activities and the new addition to our family. We have so many awesome plans we want to do this summer as a family, and we just cannot wait to start them all.
Welcome to the Mountain Circle Family!