Mountain Circle’s Chico Foster Care and Adoption Office:

Girl Scout Troop 70079, out of Chico, sold a large amount of candies this season. Due to their hard work, the troop was awarded $200.00, and the opportunity to spend this money however they chose. It was the girls’ idea to spend the entire amount on new toys for Mountain Circle Foster Children. In fact, one girl had the experience of being in foster care for a few months herself, and she was really excited to give new toys to other children who have been in the same situation.

All of the girls were incredibly excited to give back to those in need and they picked out the toys themselves, including games like Frozen and Ninja Turtles, sidewalk chalk, and bouncy balls, to name a few.

We also kept a couple of toys for the Mountain Circle visit room, in order for children and their biological parents to have nice things to play with during their visits.

Also, one of our newest foster children was having her 8th birthday just after we received the new toys-  thanks to troop 70079, we were able to wrap up a Barbie Fashion Pack to celebrate with her; she loves Barbie and was exhilarated about her gift.

Most of the toys were raffled away at our June 10th Foster Family Appreciation BBQ at Wildwood Park, here in Chico. Our children were thrilled to be called on to come pick out a toy of their choice. We had more toys than we had children, and everyone received a toy of their liking. The children left that evening full on Toni’s (Program Director in Chico) tasty BBQ, and happy with their new toys they get to take home.

The remaining toys we will pass out for birthdays, new foster child placements and, should we have any left over, they will be great Christmas gifts.

Thank you, Troop 70079!



At Mountain Circle, we do everything possible to help prepare foster youth for their emancipation.

One of our kids, Josh, has recently partnered up with the Lassen Career Network to learn about manufacturing. Here is his advice for other Foster Youth~

“Don’t be lazy! Start working so you can get a head start in life. I would love for all the THP Youth to join Lassen Career network so that they can get their lives back on track. Who knows, they may even find a long term career from a job match that the Career Network places them in. You never know but it is really really worth a shot.”

Josh’s interview was so great that it deserved it’s own blog. Read what else he had to say here…


Mountain Circle: Greenville’s Foster Care and Adoption Office/Running with the Bears:

We’re gearing up for the Running with the Bears Marathon, Half, and 10K! With less than 60 days to go, our staff and volunteers are in major GO mode!! This last week, the donations began to arrive for our World Famous Goody Bags. We are so grateful that several local teens stepped up to help us organize…


Running with the Bears also launched a new Fundraising Toolkit for those runners who wish to make more of an impact on the foster children we work with. Check it out!


ANNOUNCING: On July 5th, Mountain Circle and Running with the Bears received our first sponsor challenge grant from PHI Air Medical! For every single dollar donated to Running with the Bears’ fundraising pages, PHI will match it (up to one thousand dollars total). PHI knows that foster kids need all the support we can give, and that by supporting YOU, the runner, PHI Air Medical can double the good.  THANK YOU PHI!! 


Dr. Shauna Rossington

The Executive Director’s Corner:

“I have tried selling $1,000 plates to events, golf fundraisers, auctions, and the list goes on.  Then one day, the idea struck me—I am going to start a marathon as a fundraiser, and so Running with the BearsTM, 10k, Half, and Marathon was created..”

How can other non-profits find their own great fundraisers?


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