Inside The December 2016 Newsletter:

  • Mountain Circle’s foster children and teens compete in the Christmas card contest- check out the winner!
  • Are you in our new Running with the Bears video?
  • A very Merry Christmas awaits Mountain Circle’s foster kids- but there are still a few items urgently needed
  • Executive Director’s Corner: Mountain Circle has received three-year accreditation with CARF!

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For over 15 years, Mountain Circle has invited our foster children and teens, as well as the other children in their Foster/Resource Homes, to illustrate what Christmas and the holiday season means to them. We had some pretty incredible submissions this year! Here are a few of our favorites, and check out the winner at the bottom 🙂

Mountain Circle Foster Care and Adoption in California and Nevada

Joleen, age 9

And the winner is…. 

Congratulations Britney!! Mountain Circle Foster Care and Adoption in California and Nevada


You can still get into Mountain Circle’s annual fundraiser, the Running with the Bears Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K! For a limited time only, we will offer registration for $99- with a commitment to fundraise or donate $500 more for our foster kids before June 20th, 2017. Just 176 registrations remain before all races are completely full! Visit: www.RunningWithTheBears.Org

Running with the Bears Registration

Fundraising has never been easier, especially with this handy 2017 guide! Check it out to view our #1 fundraising tip (hint: it has to do with where you work…) 

Running with the Bears Registration

Register now, and we’ll support you every step of the way.  As one runner told us at the California International Marathon Expo, “Running a marathon was on my bucket list, and I kept hearing about this race! If I’m going to jump into training, why not at least do it for foster kids??” Check out this great short video to meet last year’s participants- if you ran with us in 2016, YOU might be in it!!

Charity Runner Image You Tube

Register for Running with the Bears


Announcement! Mountain Circle Family Services is now accredited by CARF! A note from Mountain Circle’s Executive Director, Dr. Shauna Rossington:
Dr. Shauna Rossington

I want to proudly announce that MountainCircle Family Services, Inc (MCFS)., is now accredited by CARF, International, which stands for: Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.  MCFS received a 3-year accreditation award, the highest an organization can receive for our type of facility.  However, exactly what does accreditation mean?  I took some time to research accreditation and here is what I found out.

Accreditation, according to the  Guide to Accreditation (2000) is, “one way to examine the extent to which an organization that agrees to provide services on behalf of the government is providing them according to the contract, specifically whether service delivery meets specified standards of practice”(para. 1).  An example of accreditation is the organization demonstrates obtaining input and feedback on an ongoing basis from stakeholders, persons served, and personnel for ongoing improvement of policies and services.  Accreditation uses words such as continuous improvement, optimal standards, and peer reviews (Sweeny, 1995)

CARF Accredited Mountain Circle Foster Care and Adoption

Accreditation was started in 1917 in the U.S. and derived out of the demand from surgeons for appropriate working conditions.  Originally, accreditation had nothing to do with quality improvement or assurance (Giraud, 2001).  The first formal health care accreditation was born in 1951 and was called the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals and is now referred to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare. Two other accreditation organizations are COA (Council on Accreditation) and CARF. However, today many programs link public funding to accreditation because government is increasingly relying on results-based management.

The most common benefits associated with accreditation according to Sweeny (1995) are:

  • Improved the quality of services provided
  • Ensured accountability
  • Assessed the quality and safety of services provided
  • Improved organizational quality
  • Improved safety
  • Increased public confidence in the services provided
  • Increased awareness of best practices (p.5),

….and the most common benefit is the improvement of quality of services.

MCFS spent 10 months prepping for the 2.5 day audit process.  The site visit was grueling and exhausting, but we soared through with excellence and received our accreditation.  This process will occur every 3 years, and our clients, stakeholders, and personnel can feel assured that MCFS has always provided quality services and will continue to do so.


Giraud, A. (2001). Accreditation and the quality movement in France.  Quality Health

Care. Retrieved December 7, 2016 from reprint/10/2/111

Sweeny, T.J. (1995).  Accreditation, credentialing, professionalization: The role of specialties.  Journal of Counseling and Development: JCD, 74(2), 117.


Mountain Circles Foster KidsNOTICE: Mountain Circle is in great need of Resource (foster) Homes in Northern CA and NV. If you, or someone you know, could provide a temporary or permanent home for a child or teen in your community, please contact us today!  Check out this short video about our families~ Find out the details in a five-minute phone orientation!

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