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The Inspiration & Decision:

Many in our circle of friends and family have asked us why we opted to become resource parents.  The answer was quite simple…because we care.  We care about the future generation. We care about the children that have experienced challenging situations and have no one to help advocate for them and their expressed rights and desires.  We care about providing stability, structure, love and a sense of true belonging.  We care about providing consistency and a knowing that no matter what we will be here for YOU. We care about providing a sounding board for all those questions that you have wanted to ask, but were unsure of how to ask.  We are truly and solidly resource parents to give back to the overall community and to provide community and family to young people.

The Challenges:

Yes, as resource parents there are great days, and days in which you sit back and ask yourself “…why are we putting ourselves thru this emotional roller coaster?”  Those moments of bliss and happiness outweigh negative, challenging moments.  When we do have those challenging moments, we take a step back, and just breathe.  We have learned not to react in the moment, yet to just think outside of the box and think of all the potential reasons the situation/challenge has occurred. We move out of a place of rational, adult logic and endeavor to place ourselves in the shoes of a young person that has experienced various forms of trauma.  Now, this does NOT always work each and every time,  When it doesn’t we are quick to apologize to the kiddos and try harder the next time.  We, just like the kids, are only human.  It is a continual learning process and roller coaster. Some days are peachy and some days you can walk around thinking OMG OMG why in the world did Mary/Jimmy do that.  But then they bring home a B on a test and are thrilled the challenges seem to pass away.

The Final Thoughts:

Being resource parents is the greatest accomplishment that we have done collectively.  Between the multiple parent-teacher meetings, meetings with CSWs, meetings and phone calls to hear the loudness of the house and all being content and happy is the greatest feeling and emotion.  We would not give this journey up for any corporate job whatsoever!