‘The Journey’ -Written by Bobby and Arthur, one of Mountain Circle’s newest Resource (foster) Parents!

“Being Resource Parents currently with Mountain Circle Family Services (MCFS) has truly been a journey of growth, development and learning. When we approached MCFS, we were certified with another agency where we had experienced a number of troubling situations with very minimal support.  We made a collective decision to begin the ‘interview process’ for potential new agencies.  We did our due diligence and came across MCFS (serving foster children and families in Northern California and Nevada).  We had about ten conversations via email, then a two-hour interview process with Seth, COO of MCFS.  This was a very interesting, eye-opening and encouraging situation.

Soon after this conversation, and many emails, we started the process of transferring over to MCFS.  Yes we were nervous, yes we were anxious, yes we were walking in unknown territory.  We had current placements and were fearful of them being removed due to our transition of agencies.  Never fear, there came in the staff of MCFS.  We received numerous supportive conversations to help us in the process.  The placements were challenging at the time due to a number of external factors, yet there was MCFS.  We had a meeting at our home with MCFS and the respective County representative.  We had progress and success and an appropriate plan of action to move forward.

About two weeks later, we were fully certified with MCFS.  We were elated.  We were content and we TRULY felt supported.  Being a resource parent is not easy.  One must yield when you typically would not.  One must look at situations from different lenses. One must develop unique and novel methods to effectively handle and manage the various matters which surface on a daily, if not hourly basis while assisting and caring for children who have experienced challenging situations.  A few days after being certified we got THAT call….a new placement.  We are elated.  We were nervous.  We were curious to see how things would really work with MCFS now that we were ‘official.’

Well not only did we get that one call, we got two more all in the span of a week and wouldn’t you know it we had a full home of children to care for, nourish, and give unconditional love too.  Then it happened….the call for a home visit.  We did NOT know what to expect due to a number of negative experiences we had with our prior agency where we felt that we did not get support, encouragement, and appropriate guidance.  We met for the first time Dr. Shauna, the Executive Director of MCFS and Savananah, the Family Advocate. They were vibrant, personable, engaging, and provided CONSTRUCTIVE support and guidance.  This was a truly awesome feeling.  We had a house full of teen boys and a young sibling set.  We were going non-stop, yet never fear MCFS was there to give input, guidance, and support when we needed it.  It was an interesting journey of learning what worked, what did not, and what the potential could be.

It has been a true pleasure to work with MCFS.  We have had a number of placements.  We are encouraged to know that our sibling set of girls may become an adoptive placement, and our teen boy may turn into guardianship.  Regardless we are content and happy.  We are resource parents due to our desire to provide a supportive, nurturing home built on love, compassion, friendship, jokes and yes the occasional disagreement and door slamming.  We would NOT give up the loudness of the house, the unending questions and the “are we there yet questions.”  If you are seeking an engaging, supportive foster care agency that is TRULY there for the kiddos unify with MCFS.