How to Become a Certified Resource (Foster) Parent With Mountain Circle:


  1. Give us a call! We will answer your questions over the phone and offer a 30-minute in-home (or office) orientation.
  2. Complete training offered by Mountain Circle (most is offered online!)
  3. Complete fingerprinting and clearances.
  4. Become first aid/CPR certified.
  5. Receive your final approval and your certification/license.
  6. You are then ready to receive your first foster child- and what a rewarding experience it is!

Mountain Circle Foster Care

Who Do We Serve?

Mountain Circle Foster Family Agency is a therapeutic program designed to serve children in foster care from birth through age 18. In Nevada, we provide a higher level of care than State or County licensed homes.

When we receive a referral on a child, Mountain Circle requests all relevant background information in order to match a child’s needs to a Resource/Foster family’s strengths. This is a critical component of our intake and placement process. Mountain Circle serves many children with various backgrounds and personal histories.

Mountain Circle Resource Foster Family

We May Also Serve

  • Neglected children from all walks of life.
  • Physical, social, mental and academic delays in development.
  • Children prenatally exposed to drugs or alcohol.
  • Pregnant teens and young mothers who need a home & guidance on raising their babies.
  • Teens needing to be taught emancipation skills.

All children are special, and they all deserve a safe and loving home. Give us a call today to learn more about how YOU can make a difference!

Meet our Families!

Mountain Circle Resource Foster Families

Mountain Circle Foster Care License #325001214