Fundraising in general takes a certain kind of person.  I’ve read several studies on how companies recruit fundraisers and it’s an intriguing list of qualities.  At first I thought it would help to be extroverted or maybe even zany?  Have a catchy line or tune?  Forceful or exuberant?  Not at all.  Was I surprised in my research?  Not entirely.  See what you think:


Integrity.  #1 on every list.  Apparently being honest and having strong moral principles is the top personality trait companies and organizations look for in their fundraisers


Determination and Commitment.  These two qualities were a near tie.  Both leadership qualities, these two show you want it and you’ll hold up to your end of the bargain


Passionate.  People love other people who share the excitement and joy you have for your mission or goal


Authentic.  Saying thank you and meaning it means more to people that we realize


Optimistic.  People want to invest in success and hope.  Share your story



Now let’s make the connection to runners.  Running events often have entries with a minimum charity amount connected to registration.  The Boston Marathon requires a minimum of $3,250 to gain entry into the starting chute.  So what’s the connection?  In my opinion the nicest, most genuine people I have met are runners.  These qualities that are necessary in hiring someone to fund-raise are qualities innately found in all of my running friends.  Take someone that loves to enter events and add a cause they can relate to and magic can happen.

977711_519227954818776_1555320332_oFinishing a race – of any distance – is an accomplishment.  It’s a euphoria all runners understand.  Knowing the money you spent to enter the race is being used for something BIGGER than you, that your running made a difference, that is where passion meets purpose!!