“I wonder how many other Social Workers stop here?”

Thought Anna, a Mountain Circle Social Worker, as she stopped to take a photo with one of our foster youth.  Mountain Circle’s foster children and teens live all over Northern California and much of our time is spent with them in the car. It turns out that the Placerville Shoe Tree is well known among all our staff as an excellent spot to take a break, and maybe a selfie or two.

“I very much enjoy the time in the car with the kids because we can have one-on-one conversations and they usually open up. It’s more relaxed, and I think they are more comfortable because I am not looking right at them,” says Anna.

“One of my favorite things about road trips with Shalla (pictured) is rocking out!! She has no inhibitions, and she loves to sing at the top of her lungs. I absolutely love it!! This picture was taken when we were on our way to Placerville, almost a four-hour drive. Shalla was going down to a court hearing, and also to visit old friends and extended family. Shalla’s history is difficult- she’s endured a significant amount of abuse, and I am impressed and proud of how well she’s come through it all. I was able to go with her to the last court hearing, and the judge said to her, “you are my hero.”

“Shalla just moved into her own apartment, has graduated high school, and she starts college at the end of this month. She loves to cook, is an incredible baker, and may go to culinary school. She is an amazing and beautiful young woman, and spending time with her is one of the great benefits of my job. She makes me laugh so hard!! Shalla will be joining us on the PowderQuest ski trip and I want her to ride with me!!


Shalla is one incredible young woman, and we are sure the Shoe Tree will become a very special memory. For Shalla, and for Anna 🙂


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