Marathon runners will get to meet a group near and dear to Mountain Circle’s heart at Aid Station #7…The Saez Family!

The Saez’s are Alex, Stacy, Anthony and Jhona. We love them so much because Mountain Circle brought them all together! They got Anthony and Jhona as foster children when they were 5 and 4, and adopted them about a year later.

“We feel that they were meant to be our children from the time they were born, it just took us a little while to find each other! Our family has been incredibly blessed by being a family, and by the experience of foster/adoption. As they are now 13 and 14, our family has been through some fun changes and challenges.”

Stacey 2

For their aid station, they are working on a theme of “The All American Family.” Families these days come in all different packages, delivered all sorts of different ways. Stacy said, “We’re not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other!” They have been busy testing out several homemade protein snack recipes, but have come to the conclusion that homemade peanut butter cookies will be best for our runners. Eggs and peanut butter have protein, right? 🙂

Hey Stacy, if you need taste testers…come by the office!!

Stacey 1

After several years of working as an aide in public schools, Stacy is getting ready to start a teacher credential program. If they win in one of the categories, $1,000 would go a long way when applied to tuition! They would also use the money to do something fun for the kids 🙂

Remember to vote for your favorite aid stations at the finish line in the categories of “Best Theme” “Best Spirit” and “Best Snack” winner of each will receive $1,000!

Stacey 3