This year our Reno office had a master plan for December: Match up Mountain Circle with other local agencies, people or organizations that wanted to do something great at the holidays.  One thing I love about our Agency is that (although the foster children remain anonymous) we invite you to get involved with what we do and where your donations or gifts are going.  When you find great people that want to help and they see what an amazing difference they can make in the lives of others, magical things happen.



Thank you doesn’t remotely sum it up.  Honestly, I don’t have adequate words to express the level of gratitude our Reno office felt towards our “Santa’s Helpers”.  Here are some glimpses into what we were able to pull together with the help of others.  One thing I can be quite frank about:  Our families and children had the best Christmas ever.  Truly.

First was the Sierra Association of Foster Families Christmas Party with the Women’s National Charity League:

Next, two of our Running with the Bears Charity Runners from the 2014 race had a vision of doing something MORE at the holidays.  In San Francisco, Courtney and Erica planned a party.  We sent them a list of children and a few items off of each child’s wish list.  They sent a link to all their friends who were then able to sign up for the gifts they wanted to purchase.  The party was a huge success!!!

Jennifer met them in Sacramento and the exchange was amazing!!!  Just overwhelming!

Next we partnered with the Toys For Tots local branch.  They allowed us to bring our children’s wish lists to the warehouse (several times) until we fulfilled as many items as we could.  Just amazing!!

We also wanted to have a foster parent holiday appreciation party with gift baskets.  Talbots donated TONS of items and created fabulous gift baskets for us.

Then the Department of Taxation donated SIX gift baskets.  Holy cow!!!

Ladies from Department of Taxation!!!

Ladies from Department of Taxation!!!

The Department of Taxation also gave us money to use which covered most of our dinner party at Roller Kingdom.


Roller Kingdom donated their facility for two hours exclusively to our staff and families.  The only things we had to pay for were the pizza and soda.  With Department of Taxation money and a few smaller miscellaneous donations, our entire party was paid for!!!

In the end, Mountain Circle Family Services was able to give our families the BEST Christmas ever and ALL of it was done because people wanted to do something to make a difference.  It’s amazing when people come together – each doing something relatively small – to make such an ENORMOUS difference in the lives of others!!!  Our office was overrun by gifts, baskets and an amazing community feeling of giving.