Nu 2 U store front


SUSANVILLE, Calif. October 18, 2012—In a struggling economy, Nu 2 U thrift store offers quality, affordable merchandise as well as employment opportunities for foster teens.

As the thrift store patron opens the swinging door to Nu 2 U on Main Street in Susanville, the customer is immediately identified by the charming bells hanging from the door announcing their presence into the store. The customer is then greeted enthusiastically by Edie or Jody Aparton, the dynamic mother/son duo of manager and assistant manager. Upon glancing around the store, the customer is taken by the cleanliness and organization of the store into sections of infant products, furniture, appliances, clothes, holiday décor and one sparkly section titled: Women’s Fabulous.

Established in 2009, Nu 2 U was created by Mountain Circle Family Services in an effort to provide employment to its 16-18 year old foster youth as well as their Transitional Housing Plus youth (THP) ages 19-24. Currently, there are 3 youth employed who are learning valuable marketing and retail skills.

“These kids become a part of our family and once they have people who care about them, their attitudes change,” Manager Edie said.

Edie also said that the most important skills the kids are learning by working in the store are socialization and people skills and that they can take those new skills and confidence into whatever they choose to do.

In addition to the youth, the store is successful due to Nu 2 U’s dedicated volunteers. The volunteers have the daunting task of sorting, ironing and mending all of the donated merchandise. One veteran volunteer, Elise even takes time to make window displays to attract customers.

“If they are in the window for two weeks we switch them out, but Elise does such a great job, customers are quick to buy what she displays,” Store Supervisor Kathleen Bryant praised.

Customers are also impressed with the store’s customer service and family-like atmosphere. One customer asked Kathleen’s advice while she shopped for materials for a homemade Halloween costume while another two women made overflowing piles on the register desk of the merchandise they planned to purchase.

When asked how Nu 2 U compares to other thrift stores in town, customer Robin Collum said,

“It’s the best, I don’t have to rummage to find what I am looking for and it doesn’t smell like a typical thrift store.”

Through excellent customer service, a clean organized store, consistent help from volunteers and community donations, Nu 2 U brings a fun shopping experience to customers who want to support a good cause in Susanville.

To contact Nu 2 U Thrift Store, visit 132 Main Street Susanville, CA 96130 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am – 5pm and Tuesday, Saturday 10am-4pm or call 530-257-8002. For the latest updates “like” the Nu 2 U Facebook page. Nu 2 U is always accepting donations and Volunteers.

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