The Nu-2-U Store: What does is mean to have a job as an older foster youth?

Each year, for tens of thousands of young people in foster care, turning 18 means losing the supports—financial, educational, social, and otherwise—that they count on. But not at Mountain Circle, where we operate a unique Social Enterprise called the Nu-2-U Store, a vocational training center for older foster youth.

Four years after completing our program, 95% of youth are either employed or in school part time! This is DOUBLE the National average. 

Meet Jason, one of our store employees, in this one-minute video on YouTube!

Jason tells you what this program has done for him!

Nu-2-U is a local thrift store in Susanville CA, located on Main Street. It is a special place that not only provides affordable household items, furniture, and clothing for the community, but more importantly, provides employment for youth involved in the Transitional Housing Program with Mountain Circle.

Mountain Circle pays foster youth real wages, provides Social Workers 24/7, and supports our teens in becoming stable and independent adults; but we need your help. To keep the doors open, we rely 100% on store sales, and private donations, however it does not stand on its own financially. Please help kids like Jason by donating to Mountain Circle today. You can also help by donating your furniture and clothing to the store, or by becoming a volunteer mentor!

Nu-2-U staff Managers recognize that youth, both new to the program and experienced, have endured some form of trauma throughout their lives. Our mentors are committed to job skills in a supportive environment, as well as the life skills needed to become successful adults. Edie Aparton, a previous foster parent and store manager, has been monumental in guiding the youth in the right direction with the perfect balance of strict mixed with kindness.


Nu-2-U Store Foster Youth and Volunteer Mentors

Over the past two months, the Nu-2-U thrift store has undergone some remodeling! Our team of volunteers, youth employed by Mountain Circle, Transitional Housing Program Director and members of the community have come together to show off our same great merchandise, but in a more organized way. Nothing went to waste, including old bookshelves that no longer had a purpose to shelve VHS’s, turned into clothing racks for baby clothes. Nu-2-U is now accepting even more donations, especially furniture.

We are also seeking the help from those in the community. We want to know what you would like to see more of or perhaps even new items you would like to have in the store. Our friendly staff is always looking for new ways to help. Proceeds from the store go directly to those involved in our foster care programs so by donating, spreading the word about us, volunteering and of course shopping with us you can do your part to be involved!

Help us keep our doors open to foster youth! Make a gift to Mountain Circle today and let us know that you would like to support the Nu-2-U Store.