Marlee and Me: News from our Mountain Circle Reno office.

Sometimes, creating safe  homes for foster children means supporting birth parents in building stable homes for children to return too.

Waking up in a bed that is not yours. In a room you have never been in before. All you can think is,

“this is not real, I will go home and none of this would have happened.”

This is what it was like for young Marlee who has been in foster care since 2014. Being removed from her father was devastating. However, even while incarcerated, Marlee’s dad Kaleb made it a point to make the best of his skype dates, letters, and phone calls. He never missed a single date with his little girl.

20151208_142616 (2)

Kaleb was released at the end of October 2015, and he has showed great promise in reunifying himself and Marlee. First off, he landed a full-time job in the beginning of December 2015, has been referred to the LIHTF place for housing, and even has a scooter for transportation. He is waiting to hear back on a grant that he applied for through the LIHTF program of housing assistance. Kaleb has found an apartment that is close to Marlee’s current school so she can still have the same friends and will not have to move. Visitations have increased to 6 hours on Sundays, in which they spend most of their time at the Discovery Museum. Marlee loves science and that is her favorite place to go. Overnight stays will begin as soon as Kaleb has an official apartment.  He has made it to every court hearing, every visitation, and expresses how hard he is working. The immense amount of love and dedication that is pouring out of Kaleb to get his daughter back is astounding.

Great work Kaleb, Mountain Circle is glad to be a part of your success story!