RENO, Nevada. November 19, 2012—Mountain Circle Family Services celebrates Adoption month by facilitating the adoptions of two young boys to great homes in Reno, NV.

Mike Stocking Family
Mike Stocking, a retired broadcast sales rep now devotes his life to caring for foster children. This father of two biological adult sons, one 17 year old adopted son and five other foster children in care is now adding a new member to his family.

Christopher is a 9 year old boy with the love of soccer, Legos and pop warner football. Mike raved about the changes in Chris after coming to his home a year ago and now looks forward to adopting him.
“Chris was meant to be in our family, he is doing great in school now and I have seen huge changes in his behavior,” said Mike.

Mike became a foster parent four years ago with Mountain Circle. When asked about his motivation behind the decision, Mike gave the credit to his social worker son who encouraged Mike and his late wife to give back to kids who need strong role models.

“Most children that have come into my home have left better off. They have a better understanding of what a family really is which has been a huge success in my opinion,”said Mike.

Mike attributes being a successful adoptive parent to his ability to love unconditionally and set boundaries.

”You will be tested, but you can make a difference in a child’s life,” said Mike.

Mike comments that the adoption process isn’t as daunting as people think and that the help of the Mountain Circle Staff made both the foster and adoptive process much easier.

Mike is looking forward to the freedom that Chris will gain once he is legally his son. Chris will be able to travel, visit friends and change his last name. Other than these few technicalities, Mike said that there really aren’t any other changes because Chris has been treated like his son from the time he came to live with him.

When asked about the future of his growing family, Mike said that he will continue to be a Foster Parent even when the adoption is finalized and he might have another adoption in his future.

John & Ronnie
John Burruel and Ronnie Kimball are a very active family with the love of camping, visiting Disney Land and floating down the Truckee River, to name a few activities. These two have only been foster parents with Mountain Circle for one year but have already found a child they wish to adopt.

Their pending adoption is with a preconscious 10 year old boy who loves video games and who politely interrupted the interview for a moment to give John a hug. John and Ronnie knew they wanted to adopt within a month of his placement which was nine months ago.

“One big change we have seen in him within the last nine months is that he is now able to accept instruction without acting out,” said Ronnie.

John anticipates the biggest difference for their family once the adoption is finalized is that he can count on the stability of a family unit.

“The adoption will be conformation that he is a family member and not a foster child, other than that we act as a normal family now; the adoption finalization will just be a formality,” said John.

Through the entire foster and adoptive process, John and Ronnie said that Mountain Circle has been a great resource and reference for the training they needed to be successful.

“Mountain Circle did a great job identifying a child they thought we would be a good match with,” said John
They attribute their success as foster parents to patience and good listening skills. John said that in order to be a successful foster or adoptive parent, you have to be able to do a massive mind dump of expectations. Every child’s circumstances are different and you have to adapt to the situation.

Once the adoption is finalized, John and Ronnie plan to continue to be foster parents and might also have another adoption in their future.

If you are interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent please contact Mountain Circle Family Services at 775-825-9995 or visit 4600 Kietzke Ln Ste 0-260 Reno, NV 89502. Mountain Circle Family Services is a non-profit community based organization, committed to ensuring stability and life sustaining changes for foster and adoptive children.