When you reach Aid Station #10 you have reached the Marathon turn around! With approximately 1/2 way to go until the finish line you will be served water and snacks by the team at the Genesee Store.

The Genesee Store is a bistro/deli located in Genesee Valley on Genesee Road in the historic town of Genesee.

(wherever did they come up with their name?)

Genesee Store

They have been in business for 25 years and are family owned and operated in this unique circa 1880’s country store, post office & gas station.

This team doesn’t need to rely on flashy costumes, just take a look at the breathtaking scenery! The half-way point is a great time to re-focus and the Genesee Store team will help you do that. They have done this aid station since the beginning of Running with the Bears in 2011! Owner Robert and his team are great at personal service to each and every runner and have appreciation for not only what the runners are doing, but also what they are doing for our community.

Robert and Carol Meacher own the store and if they win in one of the categories the money would go toward medical expenses incurred battling Carol Meacher’s stage four lung cancer. Carol is a true fighter and is running her own personal matathon since being diagnosed in December 2012. She will be there at aid station #10 on race day!

Visit them on Facebook: The Genesee Store. They are the only full service restaurant in Genesee Valley.