Sometimes people don’t want attention drawn to them at all. Here at Mountain Circle Family Services and Running With The Bears, we specialize in catering to our charity runners. We also understand confidentiality. Still, I wanted to know why…… I asked and (in confidence) I received answers. Here is why people would drive just over two hours to a little town of under 1200 people (and bears) to run a marathon that gives 100% of it’s money back to the foster kids they support. Kudos and thank you for letting us know what you like best!!!

I chose Running With The Bears because I liked that it

1) benefits charity
2) is small (I’m not one for crowds)
3) is mostly flat (thought it would be best for my first marathon)
4) close to Reno (that’s where we live)
5) at a convenient time before I begin grad school and
6) seemed unique (the whole hoe-down thing really drew me in, figured it couldn’t get any better than that!)

My other half really had no say in it, but he’s such a supportive and go-with-the-flow kinda guy he just jumped right in with me. We aren’t competitive or anything, just enjoy running and thought it might be fun to do a marathon together. We are doing so well with the donations because we have some really supportive family and friends that we are SO thankful for.

Right now, the only thing I would change is to make my Achilles better so I can still hopefully run the race. I may end up having to do some walking (my biggest goal was to run the whole thing), which makes me kinda sad. Either way, we will see how it goes and see you guys in August.

Rock on!! Looking forward to seeing you in August as well!!! Since our marathon doesn’t have a time limit, walk all you want!!