I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE getting to know our Charity Runners!!! Every story is so fantastic to me. It’s amazing how running is the common denominator that gets so many diverse people together.

I asked the question, “How did you begin your running journey?” Well, her journey is a little more auspicious than some. Jenni cut class a lot in high school, and her PE teacher let her run laps to make up her grade… However, like many of us, running has stopped, started, and idled at times. But I’ll let her tell the tale:

“Oh, those early running days…there I was, in my black make up, black clothes, half shaved floppy mohawk hair, running slowly, but what I thought was far (lots of missed days). My teacher asked if I had thought about going out for track. Haha! Me?! The punk with the bad attitude. I thought he was nuts but I did keep running (by the way, he was my favorite teacher after that). Sans make-up and with my dad, my first race was a 5k FarSide FunRun in SF. The cartooned runners flew past me, but it lived up to its name and I had a great time despite my still angsty teenage self. After high school, I ran here and there, nothing serious…probably running away from serious…mostly at the gym. And life continued, until this past March. A friend’s birthday present to herself was to be in a race that was a fundraiser for the women’s shelter. She asked if I wanted to go and be a part of it, and so I did. Untrained. Oh, that race. This is how spaced out I was:

Jenni shoes

Yep. Didn’t see I had two different shoes on until I got there. And I couldn’t back out. I ran it like this. Apparently, somewhere in life I ran past angst and am now running through discombobulation. Ah.

I’m suuuuper slow, but I get there (sometimes last, but with matching shoes). My big hope is that with all this running, maybe I’ll get somewhere. If I can support others while doing so, even better.”

Currently, Jenni teaches online classes in English. She worked in outdoor education for a long time, right out of high school, as an EMT and then a teacher. Jenni used to work a lot with group homes, recruiting and training high school students to work with kids at science camps. She knows from working with foster students of all ages, that the camp experience is life altering. For them too! When she worked in outdoor Ed, she’d hike the trails with students, and run a few on breaks.

When asked about qualifying for Boston she let me know just finishing before 6 hours will be a happy day. Other races??? Why yes! Jenni’s doing the Lost Sierra 50k in September. Well, a 50K with the option of stopping to nap. You just gotta do what it takes, Jenni!!! This is Jenni’s first race with us in addition to being her first marathon ever!! She stumbled upon our site when she was searching for races specifically as charity runs. Jenni wants to raise money for a cause to feel more connected to the community. It’s a nice way to continue running and push herself while making a difference.

Check out Jenni’s fundraising page and donate to make a difference HERE