There’s something I really like with the running community. Overall they tend to be a humble bunch. Each one of us has a story and each story is equally as fantastic. Nearly every charity runner I’ve interviewed has said the same thing. “I’m not very interesting”. On the contrary.  You are all unique.

Holly started her running journey in Spring 2011.  Although she’s walked the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer marathon in 2012, this will be the first attempt at running one.  She likes our small race environment and relatively close proximity to Sonora, CA where she calls home.

Holly Silva

Tour of Napa

Usually preferring the half marathon distance – enough that there were too many to list – Holly got her start by getting out and taking walks.  The mileage took a lot of time, so she started run/walking.   Married with two boys in California -a location that’s fairly easy to find races available to do with friends means some great pictures!!!!

Holly Silva 1

Muddy Buddy with some friends

The most difficult part of running for Holly is just getting started.  Let’s not forget that sometimes training itself is difficult.  The best part in Holly’s opinion is how it’s changed her outlook on life.  Having battled with depression for more than 20 years, running helps keep it at bay.  She has very little trouble with it at all.  Amen, running.

Holly Silva 2

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