Yup, this is where we run.  Can't beat it!

Yup, this is where we run. Can’t beat it!

Writing for Running With The Bears is a dream realized!  One of my personal favorite annual events to compete in – first and foremost the cause, the people who make this amazing event possible, the scenery, the animals (can anyone say runaway goats??), the fellow participants and, of course, the bears.  That’s how it happened for me.  Sign up for the event because I loved the cause – 100% of all money raised goes directly to kids in foster care, meet the amazing staff of Mountain Circle Family Services, Inc., have a strong desire to do more for foster children, ask how.  How can one person do more??  How can we meet the needs of the children who go without a family?  How can I make a difference in the life of a child?

Our fearless leader at the RWB's town sign

Our fearless leader at the RWB’s town sign

Charity running.  It’s not uncommon for events to attain the entrance fee and raise money via a charity system.  Since the inception of the idea by March of Dimes in 1970 with WalkAmerica, charity events have been going strong.  If you have a cause you believe in, I can nearly guarantee there’s a charity event.



Mountain Circle Family Services is a non-profit community based organization committed to ensuring stability and life sustaining changes for foster and adoptive children and has been “running” this race for 4 years this August.  Runners have the ability to sign up by paying the entrance fee or becoming a charity runner.  Charity runners are required to raise $400 to secure entry to the race – a considerably lower amount than most charity events.

Some happy runners!!!  We love to give back

Some happy runners!!! We love to give back

Here’s what Running with the Bears says about themselves and the race:

“We are butter-churning, country-living, social workers who have found that most road blocks in life can usually be solved during a long run (staff meetings occur from miles 5-8…). On one special Saturday in August (8/16/14 this year), we become the Running with the Bears Event, a fundraiser for the children we serve. Come qualify for Boston on a beautiful course with fewer rules and more running!

There's even an aid station competition runners vote on!!!  Not only are there TONS of aid stations, they are so much fun!

There’s even an aid station competition runners vote on!!! Not only are there TONS of aid stations, they are so much fun!

The Bears’ is a uniquely rural experience; don’t expect any bathrooms lines or traffic- the only distractions might be the pair of mating hawks at Mile 7 (and some more at miles 10 and 12…). What you get are good ol’ fashioned goody bags (filled with locally made products and, of course, bear bells!) and a home-grown run managed by the very charity it benefits. As you cross the finish line, you’ll be greeted with an ice cold beer from a local brewery (The Brewing Lair), and a massage with a view of the whole valley.

Oh, yes, the post race activities are just as much fun as the race!!

Oh, yes, the post race activities are just as much fun as the race!!

We know that you’re happy when your kids are happy- that’s why we build a hay bale maze at the start line to keep them busy. Best of all? 100% of funds raised go to Mountain Circle Family Services’ Powder Quest Program- an outdoor adventure for youth in foster care. Thank you for your support, and happy running!”


Runners are encouraged to post on the razoo.com charity race page and make it their own. Raising money for a cause you believe in is tough work, but we’re here to connect with each of our charity racers.  First off, each racer is contacted individually to make sure they have all their needs met for the weekend (accommodations, directions, etc.). Secondly, they get a special goody bag with bonus items including new tech running socks and an event T-shirt special made for them by Brooks. Third, they each receive a framed photo of themselves and all the other Charity Runners during the pasta feed dinner. In addition, as soon as they raise $500 they get a $50 gift card from Scheels!!!  Holy cow do we love our charity runners!!!

RWB funny

We specialize in acknowledging our charity runners – we post about each of them on Facebook and (coming soon…..) we will feature a blog post on each and every one of them!!  Stay tuned to learning more not only about our non-profit organization Mountain Circle Family Services, but our charity racers and the local area where Running With The Bears happens!!