Deanna started running 2 1/2 years ago at the tender, young age of 48.  Her sister was training for her first Ironman and Deanna was amazed at her dedication and hard work.  Deanna didn’t like running at first and started with a run/walk.  After completing her first 10K race, she asked her sister why anyone would run for fun??  It’s hard work!  Then Deanna saw her time and her competitive juices started flowing.

Deanna Morris

In 2012, Deanna completed her first marathon at the age of 50.  She finished at 4:10, which was her proudest running moment.  She told herself she would only run one marathon, but while driving away from the race finish, she knew she wanted to run another one.  She signed up for Running with the Bears the next day.

Deana Morris 2

Deanna’s goal is to eventually qualify for Boston with a sub 4 hour finishing time.  Although she has been nursing tendonitis in her foot all summer, she’s still excited to complete the Bears race and feels confident she’ll be able to Boston Qualify by next year.

Deana Morris 3

Deanna lives in Pleasant Hills, CA with her husband.  They are now empty nesters with 5 kids and 4 grandkids.  Now life consists of running races with her friends and family – especially her daughter and 2 grandsons.  One of her good friends, Holly, is running Bears with her and Deanna knows some of her best memories of this race will be cheering each other on.

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