Cher Bear as she refers to herself on her fundraising page began her running journey a little over two years ago.  While on a dual 40th birthday vacation in Mendocino, CA with her husband, Cherie was struggling on a hike.  At sea level, with only small hills, she felt out of breath.  She realized that something had to happen to get her out of the worst shape she’d ever been in.   Joining a Couch to 5K program had her taking her first steps on April 10, 2012.  Nine weeks later she ran her first 5K and hasn’t looked back since.

Cherie Schneider

Running with the Bears will be Cherie’s 7th half marathon and her favorite distance.  “One and done” for checking the half marathon off her bucket list never happened.  Once that first one was complete, she did 3 more that fall.

Cherie Schneider 5

Getting a postcard about RWB in her Reno 5000 swag bag this Spring, Cherie was ready to tackle a new place, a smaller race and a great cause.  When she got online, the race entries were sold out and it took her 3 weeks to decide to take the plunge as a charity runner.  Visiting new places is high on the list of signing up for a race.  Disneyland half and a Portland, OR marathon later this year are both getting checked off the travel and run list.

Cherie Schneider 4

Cherie and her husband Eric met via a dating service over 16 years ago.  Cherie says she paid a lot for that man and she’s keeping him around!  They have 3 kids: Kirsten (13), Carson (11) and Kaitlyn (9) and a black lab named Daisy.  Eric runs 10K’s and Carson has recently started trying his hand at the 5K.  The girls prefer swimming but Daisy just inhales water, so she’ll stick to land.

Cherie Schneider 3

Running in the heat is one of Cherie’s pet peeves.  She likes it 65* or cooler and mental boredom running the same routes in her neighborhood over and over (we can all relate to that!).  She loves trying new areas.  Finding people who share in her running passion and are similarly paced has been another challenge.  She has found a friend about 45 minutes away that fits the bill and they plan their weekends around a long run, both training for the Portland, OR marathon.

Cherie Schneider 2

Being consistent with something makes Cherie happy.  Running is relaxing and energizing and gives a feeling of accomplishment.  Meeting amazing people along the way is pretty great as well.  I LOVE quirky tidbits and Cherie’s is fantastic.  She only runs in SparkleSkirts brand athletic skirts and shorts.  She loves how comfortable they are and with so many amazing pockets, it eliminates the need to use a fuel belt which she “hates with a passion”.  The skirt for RWB’s???  Aptly named Wild Animal.

Cherie Schneider 1

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