Bridget and a very supportive boyfriend

Bridget and a very supportive boyfriend

We have cows at our race too....

We have cows at our race too….

Our next Charity Runners’ name is Bridget Burley and she is from Napa, CA. She’s hoping to raise more than the $400 minimum to donate to children and youth in foster care. She chose the Running with the Bears marathon distance when searching online for races close to her and loves that 100% of the money raised goes to Mountain Circle Family Services and is put to good use – the kids. Bridget thinks that running for Charity helps to build a better community, and she likes that she gets to meet the people it benefits.

Bridget participated in cross country in high school and on her own in college so she’s not new to the running community. Prior to college she grew up in San Diego, where all her family is now, and she still goes back there 1-2 times a year to see family and spend time at the beach. Other than running, Bridget spends a lot of time biking and hiking around Napa and cooking/baking. This is Bridget’s first time at our race and her second marathon overall. She learned a lot the first time around this past May and has a calm confidence that this race could go even better than the first where she finished in 3:28!! To earn money she is contacting family members who are supportive. Not only does she have inspiration for her fund raising, her boyfriend is her biggest fan during her races and will be hanging out with us at Running with the Bears finish line this August.

Bridget has been vegan for six years now and has found that its a lot of fun to be creative and explore different non-animal-product substitutions in vegan baking. Right now her favorite butter substitute is pureed avocado in chocolate cookies, cakes, and puddings where the dark cocoa color masks any green tints from the avocado. She also makes a mean apple pie that could rival any non-vegan one! (Challenge accepted!!! We’re willing to try it….) Bridget has never been to Greenville before, so she’s very excited to explore the area and do some hiking- if her legs aren’t too sore from the race!

Bridget possibly has one of the coolest and most unique jobs I’ve heard about. She got her BA in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis. Now she works for Cakebread Cellars in the winery. She’s in the field, taking sugar samples, weights; she’s in the cellar crushing grapes, inoculating juice, and making wine. From beginning to end, Bridget is involved with the creating of wine. It’s a very hands-on active job, but she can handle it – after all, she runs marathons with us!!

Now about that wine and apple pie….

You can contribute to Bridget at her fundraising page HERE