From our Mountain Circle Greenville Foster Care and Adoption Office (Plumas County, CA):

Here in Indian Valley lies, “A Place for BIG Adventures-”  Coppercreek Camp!  Coppercreek Camp, established in 1965, provides a quintessential, traditional summer camp experience to campers from all over the world!  The mission of Coppercreek is, “to make everyone who comes to camp feel like they belong and have found a place to call home.”  This is exactly the experience Zoe had during her two-week session at camp in June.  Zoe is 11 years old, and was recently provided with a full scholarship to attend Coppercreek Camp by their kind and generous staff, who wish to support our local foster youth.  During her stay, some of the activities Zoe participated in were wakeboarding, knee boarding, a high ropes challenge course, and daily horse-back riding lessons, just to name a few.  More importantly, Zoe made deep connections and life-long friendships with other girls her age, her counselor Caroline, and the Director of Coppercreek, Sutter Allen.

Running with the Bears Plumas County

When asked what her favorite part of camp was, Zoe exclaimed, “horses!”  Zoe excitedly added,

“I got to trot, and learned how to post!”

Zoe also spoke of the campers she made friends with, including a girl from China!  She made sure to get their contact information, and has been in touch with them since everyone returned home.  Zoe talks about how much fun she had at camp, and has already asked if she can go back!

The staff at Coppercreek couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Zoe!  Director, Sutter Allen, said,

“She is a sweet, sweet girl.  She is loving the horses!  We will have to get her riding lessons this winter too!”

Caroline, Zoe’s camp counselor said that Zoe was always laughing, and that she was very good at making everyone else happy, adding that Zoe was able to tell when she had had a bad day, and cheered her up.  According to Caroline, Zoe tried every activity, and never gave up, even when she was scared on the high ropes course.  Caroline says that Zoe really bonded with the other girls, and that they were able to share each other’s life stories, which was helpful for all of them.  On the last night, Zoe requested that all of the girls in her cabin make a giant bed in the middle of the floor, so they could stay up to talk and cuddle until they fell asleep.

“I’m gonna miss her.  She’s a great kid” ~ Caroline


From the Mountain Circle Greenville Office:

Indian Valley Lego Camp is a hit!

Mountain Circle

This last week, kids from as far away as Chester and Quincy came to the Indian Valley to participate in the Bricks 4 Kids Lego Camp, co-sponsored by Mountain Circle Family Services and the Indian Valley Recreation and Parks District. All 20 spots were filled within days of registration opening.

Mountain Circle Foster Care

Indian Valley Summer Lego Camp was the brain child of several local parents whose children were able to experience a one-day version of the camp, over the winter, in the Greenville second-grade classroom. Lego Camp Project Coordinator, Josie Litchfield of Mountain Circle, says, “parents were asking, ‘how can make this happen for a whole week this summer?’ So we started fundraising, and before we knew it, we’d raised $1,500 for the project!”

Mountain Circle

“Lego camp was a huge success,” said camp instructor Karisa, “it kept all the kids engaged all day long. From the youngest campers who were sharpening their fine motor skills, to the older kids who were gaining knowledge and engineer skills that they will take with them outside of the camp.”

Mountain Circle

The theme of the camp was ‘Minecraft,’ but there weren’t any computers or smartphones at this event. Instead, children were provided with five days worth of Lego kits to build individually, or as teams, and the instructor added in her own activities as well. “It was great seeing the bonds that were forged between the ages and levels of kids throughout the week,” says Karisa, “they learned a great deal and had a ton of fun doing it. This camp was well worth it and I look forward to next year. Thanks to all who participated!”

Mountain Circle

The Bricks 4 Kids Program was brought up from a business by the same name, based out of Chico. Usually, the cost of a five-day camp is $150, but due to the generosity of The 20,000 Lives Community Foundation, Bread for the Journey, and the F1 Technology Group, local families were ab
le to participate at a huge discount.

“We will definitely do this again next year,” says Litchfield, “the kids loved it, the parents loved it. No one wanted Friday to come around! We’re so grateful for the support of our sponsors who helped us to make it happen!” More photos can be seen on the Lego Camp facebook page, or at www.MountainCircle.Org


Dr. Shauna Rossington

The Executive Director’s Corner: From Dr. Shauna Rossington:
Mountain Circle LOVES our volunteers and I felt compelled to take a quiet moment to gather my thoughts and express my gratitude to the volunteers, which make the Running with the Bears race possible.  Mountain Circle has about 35 employees and despite all of their year-round hard work on this event, the volunteers are the individuals which allow this event to go from average, to superb! I found this poem (author unknown), which I felt summed it all up and which research will never be able to quite fully understand.

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