Located along the Marathon route, one aid station after the 1/2 marathoners have turned around, you’ll come up to Taylorsville campground and aid station #6. Who will you see at this shady corner? A group of 13 smiling, cheering kids and here’s the the kicker…they’re all siblings!

Adam's Family 1

Jennifer Adams is a runner, blogger and mother (YES mother!) to all 13 of the kids you will see at aid station #6 and her newest title is Assistant Development Director for Mountain Circle in our Reno office. Jennifer was a foster mom for 12 years and we are excited to have her on our team and to have the kids run an aid station!

Adam's Family 3

This will be the family’s third year coming to Running with the Bears. Jennifer ran the 1/2 marathon in 2012 & 2013. Her kids are old pros at running an aid station and if you’r a returning Marathon runner you might remember them from last year. They were the cuties in hula skirts & board shorts passing out watermelon at the same spot. this year they are thinking about keeping the same beach theme and passing out gummy bears, watermelon & pretzels. They will also have Utlima Replenishing drink!

Adam's Family 2Remember to vote for your favorite aid station at the finish line in the categories of “Best Theme” “Best Spirit” and “Best Snack”. If the Adams family wines one of the categories, the kids get to decide how to spend it!