Mountain Circle Family Services has a new fundraising event! Below is a note from Mountain Circle’s Executive Director, Dr. Shauna Rossington:


As the Executive Director of a small nonprofit, coming up with fundraisers had been a challenge until I created the Running with the BearsTM Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K 6 years ago!  What an amazing roller coaster ride it has been to take this phenomenal event from inception to a world renown race.  This year, runners are flying in from Russia and Hong Kong and I say, “What?”  The dopler effect of the race has been surreal and everything an Executive Director could wish for.  Much thanks and kudos must go to the staff of Mountain Circle Family Services, Inc., the volunteers, and of course to all our loyal runners who have blogged and given us great word of mouth praise.

With that said, I had been approached for the last couple of years to get a road cycling ride going here in Indian Valley, California.  At the time, I simply felt that Mountain Circle was still learning the marathon and getting Running with the Bears to be a well-oiled machine.  I was again approached this year, about 30 days ago, and all the right pieces seem to fall into place.  I now want to announce the second fundraiser event for Mountain Circle Family Services, Inc., which I am equally excited about!

The ride will be called the Bear Growl Century ride (updated: the event is now called the Bear Growl Gravel Grinder!) and will feature several different courses here in the valley.  For the road cyclists, there will be a 101 mile loop, a 68 mile loop, and a 33 mile loop.  For the mountain bikers, and the latest rage being what is called “gravel rides” for the cross bike, there will be a 97 mile loop, a 58 mile loop, and a 39 mile loop.  This event will have its debut launch September 23, 2017 and will start and stop at the Taylorsville Campground in Taylorsville, CA.  The crew at Mountain Circle is projecting to have about 400 riders our first year.

How lucky and blessed am I to have two such great fundraisers to raise much-needed funds for the foster youth, foster parents, and staff here at Mountain Circle.  Casey Peters has been hired as the Race Coordinator and you can email him at [email protected] for more information.  Additionally, check out the website at for all the details, as well as registration.  So, if you were a rider and not a runner or if you are both, we can serve all your athletic needs here in Indian Valley!  I do have to say that my eventual goal is to develop a triathlon, and then I might be done!  Again, thank you to the dedicated staff, the volunteers, and our loyal running fan base, we/I could not do this without you!


Thank you,






Dr. Shauna Rossington