A challenge for foster parents is when cases are reunified with their birth parents, but when you truly love a child the most unselfish act is to support what is best for that child.  Reunification stories are great success stories, and because of loving and strong foster parents (known as resource homes now), Mountain Circle is able to be a part of the best case scenario– children being reunified with their parents.  Here is one such story:
Zoey was placed with Mountain Circle as a foster child in Sept. of 2015. She was 3 months old when we got her.  The visits started as supervised, then went to monitored, and finally moved to unsupervised visits with her birth parents.  Last weekend she spent the entire weekend at her bio parents new apartment. Zoey is the happiest baby you have ever seen and when she gets together with her bio parents she beams.
From the beginning, her parents have been working extremely hard to get her back. They go to couples counseling, their communication skills have improved, and they have a good solid support group in their hometown of Oroville.
  1. Tell me where you are at today? What in your lives makes things have a positive outlook, as opposed to, a year ago?

We moved this last weekend into our very own home. Definitely Zoey coming home to us, give us our positive outlook. An end to this process is also another reason for our positive outlook.

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  1. What resources have you used to get to the point that you are at? What else motivates you for change?

We used all that CPS had to offer us, whatever they said we did. The classes that we went to, we learned a lot from. We now use those tools in our daily life.

  1. When is the expected date that your family gets to officially be together again?

August 3, 2016

  1. As a family unit, what are you most looking forward to in the near future? For example, taking walks together, eating dinner as a family, movie night, etc.?

We are looking forward to taking trips to the park with the baby and just being together as a family.

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  1. Would you mind talking about what has been the biggest struggle for each of you? And, specifically what has, or is, helping the both of you with your biggest road block?

Misty: Trying to stay together through it all is a struggle, but taking classes and recovery homes has helped her with her biggest road block. The support they have received from everyone has been a big help.

Lawrence: God has been the biggest help when facing road blocks.

  1. Is there anything that makes you nervous about the future? What might be your biggest road block for the future?

Misty: As long as we keep doing what we are doing we don’t have any fears about the future.

  1. What resources (organizations, people, etc.) will you turn to, or continue to use in the future to stay on a good path?

We have our Church congregation and our friends in recovery, as well. Rebecca from solutions has helped us a lot, we like to bug her a lot, she is a great resource for the both of us.

  1. What plans do you have for your family and your future? For example, moving, job changes, hobbies, etc.?

Lawrence: It’s hard to answer that because we live one day at a time. So, probably making our family stronger one day at a time.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to add that I didn’t cover?

This is a long hard road. Recovery is not for people who need it, but for people who want it and we definitely want it.

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Baby Zoey’s Foster Mom Maria says, “I can see that they have done a lot of work to meet the case plan goals. They have gone above and beyond and that is reassuring to me, as I prepare to let Zoey go.” This family is on their way to creating a healthy and permanent home for Baby Zoey, and the Mountain Circle Chico office is proud to be a part of their success!