Aid Station #11…Indian Valley Youth Summit

Returning for the second year in a row-Indian Valley Youth Summit (Aid Station #11) will be a stopping point for the marathon and 1/2 marathon runners! IVYS was started three years ago to try and strengthen the youth of Indian Valley. The group is made up of local adults and youth. IVYS meet once a [...]

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Aid Station #9…Delta Nu!

Marathon runners will be transported into the Wild West at Aid station #9 hosted by Delta Nu Sorority- all the way from Chico, CA! Delta NU is a service and friendship sorority and their members range in age from early 20’s to 80 years old! These ladies get together and plan fun events to raise [...]

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Aid Station #1…Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce!

Every runner, no matter the race will get to visit Aid Station #1...Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce! It is fitting that this group is the first you will see since they are the gateway to events, attractions and activities in Indian Valley.  Located just after the first mile, their theme is "Barn Quilt Painters." They [...]

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Aid Station #4…Lupines!

You may remember this rootin' tootin' group from the last two years of RWTB. Last year they were the winner of "Best Theme" and they are going for it again! They are located on the corner of Diamond Mountain Road & North Valley Road and this aid station features Ultima replenisher drink and a port-a-potty...use [...]

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Aid Station #3…Plumas Bank!

Running with the Bears is a totally unique race and the Aid stations along the course are no exception. 13 Local clubs & organizations compete for your votes in the categories of Best Theme, Best Spirit & Best Snack...the winner of each category wins $1,000, and yes they can win all three! Running down beautiful (mostly shaded) Diamond [...]

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