Charity Running – Holly Silva

There's something I really like with the running community. Overall they tend to be a humble bunch. Each one of us has a story and each story is equally as fantastic. Nearly every charity runner I've interviewed has said the same thing. "I'm not very interesting". On the contrary.  You are all unique. Holly started [...]

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Running With Bears

There’s a difference between running WITH bears and the Running with the Bears race. Although our marathon winner from 2013 actually DID see a bear at mile 21, he didn’t actually run with it.  It acted like a bear and ran off.  Here are some facts about Northern California black bears for all our runners [...]

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Charity Running – Sara Miller

Sara started running track and cross-country in high school and continued in college.  She never won a race, but was never last either.  After college, years went by without running until a friend convinced Sara to train for a marathon with Team in Training in 2007.  A few years later, as part of a plan [...]

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Aid Station #10…Genesee Store!

When you reach Aid Station #10 you have reached the Marathon turn around! With approximately 1/2 way to go until the finish line you will be served water and snacks by the team at the Genesee Store. The Genesee Store is a bistro/deli located in Genesee Valley on Genesee Road in the historic town of [...]

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Charity Running – Brandi Bishop

Brandi Brandi ran her first half marathon in December 2013 and is excited to run her second - and her Dog's first - half marathon with Running with the Bears. Since Brandi's dog is important to her, she found our race when she searched online for races that would allow her to bring [...]

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