December News From Mountain Circle Family Services: The votes are in! See the winner of our 2016 Christmas card contest~

Inside The December 2016 Newsletter: Mountain Circle's foster children and teens compete in the Christmas card contest- check out the winner! Are you in our new Running with the Bears video? A very Merry Christmas awaits Mountain Circle's foster kids- but there are still a few items urgently needed Executive Director's Corner: Mountain Circle has [...]

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Mountain Circle November News From The Front Lines!

Inside This November Newsletter: Macy and Muzetta receive the best news... they're getting brothers! Meet Rashia: From foster care, to the goal of becoming a judge, this young woman is going places~ How the Holiday season may affect foster children: A note from Mountain Circle's Executive Director, Dr. Shauna Rossington   From our Mountain Circle Reno, [...]

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October News From Mountain Circle: Meet Carlos~

Have you heard the term "Resource Family" being used in place of "Foster Family" lately?  Well, you are going to be hearing this term a lot more, as California embarks on an overhaul of the current foster care system beginning this January. The 'Resource Family Approval (RFA)' Program is a new family friendly and child-centered [...]

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July News From Mountain Circle Family Services and Running with the Bears

Mountain Circle's Chico Foster Care and Adoption Office: Girl Scout Troop 70079, out of Chico, sold a large amount of candies this season. Due to their hard work, the troop was awarded $200.00, and the opportunity to spend this money however they chose. It was the girls’ idea to spend the entire amount on new [...]

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June Mountain Circle News From the Front Lines

Inside This June Issue: Daniel is elected to the Lassen Arts Council Meet our newest Charity Runners The EatHappy! Program provides free food to foster families Mountain Circle's foster children receive 106 new backpacks! The Executive Director's Corner Get involved: Become a Charity Runner or attend a free foster parent orientation ___________________________________________ From our Mountain Circle Chico [...]

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May News From the Front Lines of Mountain Circle Family Services

Inside This May Issue: Three little sisters reunite Charity Runner Laura finds a creative way to raise money for foster kids  Austin and Teddy- a group of old friends makes a big impact The Executive Director's Corner Get involved: Become a Charity Runner or attend a free foster parent orientation _____________________________________ Mountain Circle Reno: Three [...]

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Mountain Circle Family Services: April News From The Front Lines

Mountain Circle Reno: “I’m her big sissy, I have to always protect her.” The sweet Anastasia, 4, says to me over the phone. This is one of the youngest sibling sets the Reno Mountain Circle Foster Care office has ever had the pleasure of working with. Aaliyah, who is only three, looks to her big [...]

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Mountain Circle March Newsletter

All the news from the front lines! Inside This March Issue: A special basketball coach has something in common with one of our foster youth... Running with the Bears Interview Runner's World Bart Yasso The Executive Director's Corner: Embracing the Social System Culture as a Leader Meet Mountain Circle and Running with the Bears' newest Charity Runner [...]

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