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Resource Family 2.0: Meet Bobby and Arthur! (PART II)

  RETURN to Part I of their story HERE~ The Inspiration & Decision: Many in our circle of friends and family have asked us why we opted to become resource parents.  The answer was quite simple…because we care.  We care about the future generation. We care about the children that have experienced challenging situations and have no [...]

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Resource Family 2.0: Meet Bobby and Arthur! (PART I)

. 'The Journey' -Written by Bobby and Arthur, one of Mountain Circle's newest Resource (foster) Parents! "Being Resource Parents currently with Mountain Circle Family Services (MCFS) has truly been a journey of growth, development and learning. When we approached MCFS, we were certified with another agency where we had experienced a number of troubling situations [...]

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Meet Our Newest Family In Oroville, CA!

Shiela and Joey have known they wanted to become foster (Resource) parents for a long time.  When they called Mountain Circle's Chico Office, we met them at a Starbucks the next day and got the paperwork started. Shiela and Joey didn't want to wait a month to attend a group orientation- in fact, we find that [...]

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Meet Our Newest Family: Nathan and Jeannette of Chico, California

Welcome to the Mountain Circle foster care and adoption family!! Nathan and Jeannette always knew they wanted to become foster and/or adoptive parents (now called Resource Families in California). They also knew the statistics- there are over 60,000 children in foster care in California, and in Butte County, where they live, there are over [...]

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