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Mountain Circle Susanville is Hiring!

Are you wanting to do more for foster children? Are you interested in Social Work? If so, then we have a job opening that would be perfect for you!   What a lovely desk. This could be yours!   We are currently looking to employ an individual in our Susanville office.   [...]

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Mountain Circle Family Services: April News From The Front Lines

Mountain Circle Reno: “I’m her big sissy, I have to always protect her.” The sweet Anastasia, 4, says to me over the phone. This is one of the youngest sibling sets the Reno Mountain Circle Foster Care office has ever had the pleasure of working with. Aaliyah, who is only three, looks to her big [...]

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Mountain Circle Chico

We interview our Butte County Interns! ARE YOU HAPPY WITH HOW LAST SEMESTER TURNED OUT REGARDING THE INTERNSHIP HERE AT MOUNTAIN CIRCLE (MC) foster care and adoption office? KATIE: I am happy with how it turned out. I think MC is very structured and has their stuff together, I like that. CHRIS: I’m happy, too. I [...]

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Mountain Circle Reno

Marlee and Me: News from our Mountain Circle Reno office. Sometimes, creating safe  homes for foster children means supporting birth parents in building stable homes for children to return too. Waking up in a bed that is not yours. In a room you have never been in before. All you can think is, “this is not real, [...]

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Mountain Circle Susanville: The Nu-2-U Vocational Training Program

The Nu-2-U Store: What does is mean to have a job as an older foster youth? Each year, for tens of thousands of young people in foster care, turning 18 means losing the supports—financial, educational, social, and otherwise—that they count on. But not at Mountain Circle, where we operate a unique Social Enterprise called the [...]

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Mountain Circle Greenville: Meet Lily

What do you do when you're 13-years old, and your new foster home is in a different town, with a new school, and away from your support network? If you're Lily, you don't give up.  Lily is an ambitious 13 year-old young lady, who clearly stands out from her peers, and does not let the [...]

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How To Become A Foster Parent In Northern Nevada

How to become a foster parent in Reno, or Carson, Minden, Fernley, and Fallon areas. Meet Mountain Circle Family Services! Mountain Circle’s Reno office is always looking for quality foster parents to join our team as there is a huge need for foster homes in our community. Foster homes are needed in our outlying areas as [...]

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How to Become a Resource (Foster) Parent in Chico, CA and Surrounding Area

Chico, Oroville, Paradise, Orland, Gridley, Yuba City, Red Bluff….WE WANT YOU! If you live in Butte, Tehama, Yuba Sutter or Glenn counties, Mountain Circle Family Services has a great system to get you certified as a Resource foster/adoptive family! Have you been thinking about becoming a foster or adoptive parent, but worry about navigating the system, or [...]

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Mountain Circle Chico: What does it take to work in foster care?

We interview Deborah, one of our newest employees in the Mountain Circle Chico office: What do you appreciate most about connecting children with their biological families? Bringing families back together is my passion, as well as, giving tools to be able to do so. Reunification and empowerment is my ultimate focus. So far, what do [...]

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