Q & A With Dr. Degarmo: A Primer For The October 5th/6th Workshop In Reno

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On October 5th and 6th, Dr. DeGarmo, a leading national expert on fostering and foster care issues, will be the featured speaker at Mountain Circle's "Strengthening the Relationship Between Social Workers and Resource Parents" workshop in Reno. As a primer for the free event, Dr. DeGarmo graciously agreed to participate in this Q&A. We've compiled [...]

Foster Care Expert Gives Talk About Nevada’s Foster Care Crisis/Human Trafficking

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September 24, 2018 Foster care is in crisis in Nevada, and across the nation, as the number of children placed into foster care in the state, due much in part to the opioid epidemic that is strangling Nevada families.  Along with this, the horrors of human trafficking also continue to challenge Nevada's foster care system, as [...]

Introducing the Bear Growl Gravel Grinder

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Mountain Circle Family Services has a new fundraising event! Below is a note from Mountain Circle's Executive Director, Dr. Shauna Rossington: . As the Executive Director of a small nonprofit, coming up with fundraisers had been a challenge until I created the Running with the BearsTM Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K 6 years ago!  What an [...]