Meet Our Newest Family In Oroville, CA!

Shiela and Joey have known they wanted to become foster (Resource) parents for a long time.  When they called Mountain Circle's Chico Office, we met them at a Starbucks the next day and got the paperwork started. Shiela and Joey didn't want to wait a month to attend a group orientation- in fact, we find that [...]

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Meet Our Newest Family: Nathan and Jeannette of Chico, California

Welcome to the Mountain Circle foster care and adoption family!! Nathan and Jeannette always knew they wanted to become foster and/or adoptive parents (now called Resource Families in California). They also knew the statistics- there are over 60,000 children in foster care in California, and in Butte County, where they live, there are over [...]

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Mountain Circle’s Chico office is HIRING

Make a difference to foster children, teens, and their caregivers all over Northern California!  Mountain Circle Family Services, Inc. has been serving foster children and families for over 30 years. Our Chico office is growing, and we are looking for the right person to join our  team! Salary starts at $36,000 plus FULL benefits for [...]

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Mountain Circle Chico: Baby Zoey will be going home soon~

A challenge for foster parents is when cases are reunified with their birth parents, but when you truly love a child the most unselfish act is to support what is best for that child.  Reunification stories are great success stories, and because of loving and strong foster parents (known as resource homes now), Mountain Circle is [...]

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Mountain Circle Family Services: April News From The Front Lines

Mountain Circle Reno: “I’m her big sissy, I have to always protect her.” The sweet Anastasia, 4, says to me over the phone. This is one of the youngest sibling sets the Reno Mountain Circle Foster Care office has ever had the pleasure of working with. Aaliyah, who is only three, looks to her big [...]

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Mountain Circle Chico

We interview our Butte County Interns! ARE YOU HAPPY WITH HOW LAST SEMESTER TURNED OUT REGARDING THE INTERNSHIP HERE AT MOUNTAIN CIRCLE (MC) foster care and adoption office? KATIE: I am happy with how it turned out. I think MC is very structured and has their stuff together, I like that. CHRIS: I’m happy, too. I [...]

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How to Become a Resource (Foster) Parent in Chico, CA and Surrounding Area

Chico, Oroville, Paradise, Orland, Gridley, Yuba City, Red Bluff….WE WANT YOU! If you live in Butte, Tehama, Yuba Sutter or Glenn counties, Mountain Circle Family Services has a great system to get you certified as a Resource foster/adoptive family! Have you been thinking about becoming a foster or adoptive parent, but worry about navigating the system, or [...]

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Mountain Circle Chico: What does it take to work in foster care?

We interview Deborah, one of our newest employees in the Mountain Circle Chico office: What do you appreciate most about connecting children with their biological families? Bringing families back together is my passion, as well as, giving tools to be able to do so. Reunification and empowerment is my ultimate focus. So far, what do [...]

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January News

Inside This January Issue: A Sweet Adventure For a Child Who Has Been Through Too Much Meet Savannah: A Former Foster Teen Joins Our Staff Chico: A Community That Gives Back BIG TIME Rodney: A Bears Charity Runner Who is Starting Early A Reno Christmas Party on Wheels January Trainings _____________________________________________________ Our Plumas County Office: [...]

All The News From The Front Lines!

Inside This December Issue:  Meet Carlos: A Mountain Circle Foster Teen Going Places! A Holiday Party that Gives Back Congratulations to our Christmas Card Winners! 2016 Running with the Bears Race Registration is OPEN! Chico Foster Parents Build Community December Trainings _________________________ Meet Carlos- A Mountain Circle Foster Teen Going Places! Carlos has been in [...]