What do you do when you’re 13-years old, and your new foster home is in a different town, with a new school, and away from your support network?

If you’re Lily, you don’t give up. 

Lily is an ambitious 13 year-old young lady, who clearly stands out from her peers, and does not let the challenges she faces in life slow her down. Lily was living and going to school in Greenville, when she was placed in a foster home in Chester, about a half hour away from Greenville. It was very important to Lily to stay in school at Greenville High School, so she made the decision to ride the public transit bus to and from Greenville, which requires her to be up and out the door by 6am. Despite this early hour, and having to wait for the bus in the dark and inclement weather, Lily does so without complaint. (Note: Mountain Circle always tries to keep children in their same schools, but a lack of local foster homes makes relocation sometimes necessary.)



Lily is in the 8th grade at Greenville Junior/Senior High School, and was recently awarded “Student of the Month” in January. This is what her English teacher, Mrs. Balbiani has to say about her:

“Lily is extremely bright and always finishes at the top of her class. Her work is excellent quality and the maturity she shows rivals that of much older students. Lily is very pleasant and respectful. She smiles, greets her teachers and peers. As she leaves the classroom it’s always with a ‘Have a nice day!’ She knows exactly what it takes to be a respectful student.”

Lily 2 - Copy
Lily is also a key player on the Greenville High School Junior Varsity Basketball Team. She practices every day after school, and her coach, Bridgette Bustamante, says,

“I am so happy to have her on my team! She plays a forward for us on offense, and she is a fierce competitor!”

Lily 3

The team recently participated in a tournament in Loyalton last weekend, and Mrs. Bustamante reported,

“Lily pulled down at least 15 defensive boards on Saturday, and 7 offensive boards. She motivates the other girls with her positive attitude, but has just the right amount of tenacity to get them fired up!!”

Bridgette says that Lily reminds her a lot of herself, as she was also in foster care through Mountain Circle when she was Lily’s age.

“I can only hope that I am as inspiring to her as she is to me” ~ Bridgette Bustamante