April Newsletter

Mountain Circle Reno:

“I’m her big sissy, I have to always protect her.”

The sweet Anastasia, 4, says to me over the phone. This is one of the youngest sibling sets the Reno Mountain Circle Foster Care office has ever had the pleasure of working with. Aaliyah, who is only three, looks to her big sister for everything she does. They are very close not just in age, but as close as two sisters can be. However, it was not always like this. At first, the girls did not understand what it meant to be sisters.

image1 (4)They struggled to connect with one another. At this tender age, we are building ties and connections to our caregivers and when removed from our constant and put into a new home that we do not understand–it can be difficult. The girls at first had a tough time adjusting with their foster parents, Michael and Theresa- in fact, adjustment took a few months.

Through time, and a lot of assistance from their Mountain Circle team, they were enrolled into a pre-kindergarten school and both ladies have excelled beautifully. They are learning how to create bonds and friendships with the other children in the home and with Michael and Theresa. Their home, as Michael and Theresa like to call it, is a “healing home” and that is what they intend to do for all those in need. These two sisters will finally be able to be adopted by a family friend they have known all their lives and call her Auntie Carrie.

Anxiety was high before their first big visit with Auntie Carrie, and upon coming back. they have reported just how excited they are. Carrie has expressed her absolute excitement to have active kids in her home again and to experience life with Aaliyah and Anastasia. Their foster dad was caught with a small tear coming down his cheek and explained,

“I just want these girls to finally know and understand what unconditional love is and what being in a family means. They have never understood the meaning of true family and I hope with Carrie they will finally get that.”

The girls are expected to be fully transitioned come the end of April!



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